Welcome to the Metatechnica Web site. We specialize in developing and selling instrumentation and other technologies, especially into the East and South Asian market place. We also sell technology products manufactured in Asia into the U.S. marketplace.

Currently, our emphasis is on instrumentation and other products in the semiconductor and flat-panel display industry. However, we are also pursuing the biotechnology field as well as the emerging nanotechnology field.

We carry the following products for the semiconductor, flat-panel display, and photonics industries. We also offer contract testing service as well. Please contact us for more information.


The MFS-630 is a low-cost alternative to ellipsometry for measuring the optical properties of thin-films. It can measure thickness, index of refraction, and extinction coefficient of thin-film materials up to 5 layers thick. The MFS-630 is a tabletop instrument that is easy to use.


The transometer is the world’s only instrument that can measure thickness of metal and opaque films in a non-destructive manner. It also measures the thermoconductivity of thin films as well as the thermal interface resistance between layers of thin films.


We offer the LUM-100 luminometer for your bio- and chem-luminescent analytical applications.

Nanocoat 1000:

The Nanocoat 1000 is a cost-effective PVD system for DLC (diamond-like carbon) thin-film coatings. The Nanocoat 1000 is manufactured in Japan by Nanotec, an pioneer in the development of DLC thin-film technology.


The LASAW-NC utilizes laser generated surface accoustic waves to measure density, elasticity, and Poisson's ratio of thin film materials in a non-contact, non-destructive manner. Thin-films down to 1,000 angstroms in thickness can be analyzed using the LASAW-NC.