We offer the best DLC (diamond-like carbon) thin-film coating for a variety of scientific and industrial applications. Developed for tribological applications, Nanotec’s DLC offers the best combination of smoothness and hardness than any other DLC in the world. Nanotec developed a deposition process for DLC coating of large batch sizes.

DLC is amorphous carbon with both diamond and graphitic properties. It is the ration of diomond/graphitic bonded carbon that determines the physical and chemical properties of the resultant diamond thin-film. There are many variants of DLC in the marketplace. The uniqueness of Nanotec’s DLC is its combination of hardness and smoothness. Nanotec’s DLC has a hardness of about 4000 on the microvickers scale and the average surface roughness is 7 angstroms, making it nearly atomically smooth. Quite impressive for a DLC deposited in a large PVD batch coating system.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)
Nanotec's DLC coating - rms surface roughness - 7 angstroms
Typical TiN coating - rms surface roughness - 110 angstroms

Applications for DLC thin-films include...

Nanocoat 1000

The Nanocoat 1000 offers fully automated batch coating of tools and other articles. Its 1-meter capacity chamber allows for economical processing of large numbers of tools and other objects to be coated. Short coating times allow for several batches in an 8 hour production shift, allow for cost-effective operation.

Nanocoat 1000 PVD System
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